Who we are

Katie Edgar

I have 15 years’ experience working as a primary school teacher specialising in and providing mental wellbeing support for children through various strategies. I am also a mum to two young children.

After my first few years in the classroom, I realised there was need for children and young people to have access to a listening ear in a safe space.  As a result, I have initiated, developed and run listening and wellbeing services in 2 primary schools in Scotland over the past 8 years and as a result have supported many children and families with emotional and mental wellbeing; listening to concerns, worries and challenges and providing strategies to help support them. I am a qualified “Kids” Mindfulness teacher and have over 3 years’ experience teaching Mindfulness to primary aged children. I have tutored and mentored several young people 1:1 in study skills, growth mindset and English. I am trauma informed, PVG checked and I hold a certificate in listening skills. I am passionate about the need to provide our children, young people and their families with strategies for early intervention to ensure our young people do not reach mental health crisis point. Children and young people are being told more than ever to seek help if they are struggling with worries or feelings. Every teacher I know really cares for and strives to help their pupils but it can be very difficult for a teacher to provide active listening within the classroom, with other (possibly not so helpful) listening ears around. As a class teacher I became increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t give the time and space I wanted to, to listen to pupils – which is why I set up this service. 

I have 2 young boys and understand the many challenges of family life. This motivates me more than ever to ensure all children have a trusted adult to talk to and help support their mental and emotional wellbeing. We aim to promote a culture of sharing worries and feelings early on in children and young people’s lives; a culture which will hopefully continue into, and throughout, adulthood.


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