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We offer an in – school listening service “Time to Talk” for p3 upwards. Pupils can self-refer to access a listening ear in a safe space. A similar service has been run in schools by our founder Katie Edgar for the past 8 years and there is a wealth of evidence to show how beneficial this can be to pupils. It is a place to share worries, fears and problems that they may otherwise keep inside. This can also be blended with individual or group work which can focus on low self- esteem, mild anxiety, low mood or a mixture of these – we will meet your pupil’s requirements.  The service aims to work collaboratively with school counsellors, nurture groups and school teams to provide the best support for all pupils. We always follow safeguarding procedures and signpost to other services where appropriate.

Benefits include:

  • pressure lifted from teachers who are unable (due to class demands) to give appropriate time and space when pupils want to talk about a challenge they are facing.
  • safe environment / uninterrupted space
  • helps children / teens be ready to learn
  • gives young people a voice
  • promotes good Mental Health 
  • can help to uncover bullying / cyber bullying
  • allows early intervention for difficult home circumstances / neglect and enable services to work together to seek supportive help for parents/carers
  • promotes a culture of talking about issues and worries to a trusted person
  • scope for parents to receive support alongside the pupil
  • can help give pupils skills for life to increase resilience  – mindfulness, relaxation strategies, growth mindset etc.

We offer an 8-week Kids Mindfulness course appropriate for primary pupils (p3-p7) and an adapted course for P1’s and P2’s. This can be offered to whole class or groups of children.

We can provide Listening skills workshops for p6 +. This is a series of workshops to equip pupils with enhanced listening skills that could really make a difference to their own and others’ lives. This program aims to facilitate peer support groups and introduce young people to the power of actively listening and being heard.

Links with E’s and O’s
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GIRFEC -Safe, Healthy, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible, Included

Rights Respecting Schools Articles 12, 16, 19, 39

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Due to COVID_19 restrictions the service is unable to carry out work in schools – at present. So we are offering 1-1 virtual support for children, young people and parents/ carers. We can offer a listening ear and, where appropriate, offer strategies to support wellbeing. As this service is at present virtual, we are able to offer it to all areas in Scotland.